MaGniFiCeNT MoNdAy!

Ben & I went on our very first Temple trip together to the Provo Temple yesterday!! I had been awake since 4:30am ( not really sure if it was the excitement or just insomnia) but Ben got to sleep in a little later than I did. We got to the temple around 6:30 while it was still dark outside, and I cant remember the last time I had been awake that early.. EVER!! I have stayed awake until four or later in the morning lots of times but usually don't wake up that early!! It was a great experience to be able to go and do temple service with the love of my life!! He ended up helping out the temple workers with confirmations and even baptisms.
I love the Priesthood and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to marry a worthy Priesthood holder like my Benji. He did an amazing job, I was so proud to stand by him and hold his hand throughout the morning. He also was one of the best people I have ever been "dunked" by!! He definitely made sure I went all the way under the water!! LoL ;) It was such an amazing experience and I was so happy we could start out our day/week serving the Lord!

After the Temple we went to breakfast at IHOP! Their food sure does fill me up!! It was actually pretty good too! :)

I am hoping to have my Endowments soon.. but I know everything is all in good time. I love the Gospel with all my heart and I am so grateful to have the blessing and opportunity to be apart of the Savior and my heavenly father's church! The wedding is inching closer and the days are flying!! I can't believe how close we are! Invitations are finished (HALLELUJAH!!) And just need to be printed and mailed out! :O)


Ben & LauRen

AdvEnTuReS @ St@R M!LL

So we are finally getting the "ball rolling" with this wedding planning stuff, and yesterday (January 5) was our Engagement Shoot. Our photographer was FABULOUS and I would recommend him to anyone! His name is Michael LLoyd, he is down to earth and has GREAT STYLE! We had a good time with him because he was super energetic and funny! Our pictures were shot at a location in American Fork, UT called "Star Mill". It's old and rustic looking, very "Vintage Chic" which is exactly what I like and there were tons of interesting props all around us to use.
I can't wait to see how our pictures turned out, especially because we were in the freezing-A-cold for about an hour and a half, and me being the beautiful, intelligent person I am didn't dress accordingly and I seriously thought my toes were going to fall off! By the time we finished I was sure I was going into hypothermic shock. Not only that, but we took some "creative" pics with a rusty old wagon and some how I managed to cut my finger open, leading to a fantastic trip to the Doctor for a tetanus shot. Lock Jaw, an apparent after-effect of old,rusty, objects getting into your blood stream, is not my idea of fun, and its definitely not attractive I'm sure. So, alas, it was an interesting day! But hopefully well worth it! After the shoot we made a stop at the American Fork Olive Garden for some nice HOT food! Anywho, when we get our pictures, which should be in about a week or so, I will be sure to post our faves on the blog so you can check them out!


Five StAr New YeAr's Eve

Goodbye 2009, HeLLO 2010! While 2009 was a good year with great memories, I'm excited for the New Year!!! There's no better way to spend new years eve than with friends, family, a great mocktail, and dancing!! Not only that, but my birthday is in 22 days, so write it down on your calendars!! ;)

New Year's Eve Dinner @ Outback <3

Bringing in the NEW YEAR @ SpArK LoUnge with Friends & FAmiLy! <3

The BIG Day!!

Well everyone, we FINALLY got around to setting our wedding date! ( You'd think we would've done it sooner I know!) School has a lot to do with that. It pretty much consumes my life, and Ben is just amazing and it doesn't really phase him that much! Then again I'm working AND going to school full time and he's just a full time student... Either way. We're always busy! So.. you're probably wondering what day now so I should probably tell you.. haha.

We set the date for Friday April 2, 2010 at 11:00 a.m. in the Salt Lake City Temple!! :) How exciting!! It's finally becoming real! For a while it didn't seem like we were actually getting married but, now I have to start thinking of all the details.. aaahhhhhh.. where do you even start?? I guess with a DAY, TIME, and Venue.. Which we got out of the way.. I'm just glad I don't have to have everything done while we're still in school, I would probably want to kill myself!! Anyway, save the date everyone we want you all there!!
Love, Ben & LauRen XOXO


Well I am happy to report that FSU kicked BYU's trash at the game on saturday!!!! The final score being 54-28, I thought it was really sad that BYU's fans started leaving by the last quarter because they knew BYU wouldn't recover. Some true fans.. your supposed to support your team whether they are winning or losing! I thought it was funny that people were talking smack to me and my sister in the beginning ( since we were in our FSU gear) .. we had never seen that side of people here before! Once we scored in the first 3 minutes of the game, they all shut up! There were some pretty obnoxious and rude people there .. especially a couple of guys that were sitting behind us. They weren't rude.. just obnoxious. They were telling their friends not to spill their drinks on "the nice people infront of us", (talking about me and my sister). Others were telling us to go home and change our shirts .. that we were sitting on the wrong side because most of the FSU fans were on the bleachers across the field.. people ( WOMEN ) telling us to cheer somewhere else .. ( I could've smacked that lady! ) People coughing "Cougars" when they walked by.. It was ridiculous!! All I could think of was keep my mouth shut because I knew they were just mad cause FSU is better!!! Once we had it in the bag everybody shut up and some people even congratulated us on our win. Ben, I know you go to BYU, but I had to support my home team. In the upcoming games, I wish BYU the best of luck, but NOW they know not to mess with the Garnet & Gold baby!!!! GO NOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BeLLa Skye -

Well I just cant seem to stay away from animals! Last night Ben & I adopted BeLLa Skye Lindley, a one month old baby kitten :) She is so sweet and timid I just love her! I don't know if Ben is too fond of her but I think he will grow to love her :) Ben & I both have allergies and I think BeLLa might too because she sneezes as much as we do!